Above the Law ?
A Look into Clintons Controversies and Scandals

Portrait of a Power Couple 

Let us show you a portraid, a painting with broad strokes of gray intertwined with shady lines of black and a white background to portray a couple, that at face value, seem like normal, law abiding citizens. To this couple the law teeters on what the couple sees as right, versus wrong versus to President Bill Clinton described the word is.  

William Jefferson Clinton married Hillary Rodham on October 11, 1975. in their living room of their new house where their union was officiated by local Methodist minister and his wife and a small group of friends. This couple met in a library of Yale Law School where they both attended. They both took similar careers where Bill wanted to work in politics and his wife took a route where the law practice would leader her to a similar path. Thus the power couple went back to Clinton's birthplace. Little Rock Arkansas, where Bill Clinton was first elected as Attorney General of Arkansas in an easy win since he had no opponent. In 1978 Clinton was elected as Governor. 

Hillary Clinton applied to the Rose Law firm where she was appointed to defend a child rapist. Hillary Clinton 'win, at all cost' attitude ran this twelve year girl through the ringer where the defendant walked  and the child was portrayed as an unstable person who had sexual fantasies. (Click here for more info.)

The Clintons, looking to supplement their income, although Bill was governor and Hillary not only first lady of Arkansas practiced law invested. This deal would throw them to a long line of controversies that seem to follow the Clintons wherever they go. [More to follow soon]

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