Above the Law ?
A Look into Clintons Controversies and Scandals

The Champion of Women and Children Defends a  Child Rapist

Kathy Shelton will never forget the date of the tenth day of May of 1975. It was then in Springdale Arkansas was approach by two men, an older man and what looked to Kathy as a teenage. These two men forcefully abducted her and raped her leaving her for dead in a ravine by the side of the road as if she was road-kill. Severely beaten, Kathy crawled to a nearby house where she made it to a porch, where a woman let her in the house. The two man came back to finish the job but she was in safe hands and the guardian that was the woman wrote down their license plate. So traumatized was Kathy that she lost consciousness and woke five day later at a hospital. Kathy was only twelve years old, she was also a virgin.

Thomas Alfred Taylor who wanted his lawyer changed and specifically requested a woman: Hillary Rodham Clinton was a lawyer and according to her, she was chosen to defend the rapist. With a mountain of evidence Kathy felt justice would be served. Hillary, whose motto is that she is a champion for women, immediately started ripping apart the character of the girl who had been raped. She filed many subpoenas, and under Hillary's instructions these team of investigators were to torment this twelve year old victim into slipping up. 

The victim was treated like a criminal and hooked up to a lie detector; made to feel like as if the victim was at fault illustrating her in such a way that this little girl was having delusions as well "exaggerating or romanticizing" sexual experiences. She used one affidavit claiming that this twelve year old little girl who had been victimized by a bully was "emotionally unstable with a tendency to seek out older men and engage in fantasizing." Hillary pontificated that the root of the problem was the result of the victim coming from a "disorganized" family thus making the victim prone to "exaggerating or romanticizing" sexual experiences.

Hillary's defense of this monster was her client was not guilty of rape because the twelve year old little girl had invited these men to have sex with her. After all was said and done this champion of women, acquitted a sexual monster who loved preying on young girls. 

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