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The Character Assassination of President Donald Trump
The Destroy Trump Media

Back during the 1970's, my father and I would sit down and watch the news on the ABC network. Being the only channel we received because Cable TV was not yet available,  we basically had no choice but channel 8, (in Connecticut) which was an ABC affiliate, however  ABC News reported the news within the boundaries of the narrative while keeping us informed about current events. The news at that time addressed the stories without any distractions nor were they guided by a deeper bias. They reported the news outright but the angle of the report never changed. That was then.

When CNN came on the scene, the idea of having a  24 hour news channel was a welcomed change. Not only could one tune into the news twenty-four hours a day, but you could cater your watching patterns to when you so desired. News had changed and so did the business of news. The adjustment started about the time of "Dessert Storm". They began to propagandize the scenes coming from Iraqi-TV  illustrating on how our smart bombs were missing their target and landing on innocent civilians.  Researching  found that the Iraq-run television propaganda machine was utilizing CNN for their promulgation. They served it to CNN and CNN scooped it up.  Likened to a frog in a pot of cold water where one starts to slowly increase the temperature, the frog would be consumed by the heat while slowly slipping into shock, succumbing to death: We were the frogs and CNN slowly started to increase the temperature.  This is now.

Today there are many choices to tune in where to watch the news, most of them are liberal, a few are conservative. We also have a large helping of programs, television outlets, print media, social media as well as many parts of these United States not are not Trump friendly. He won the race but now they want to win the war. However, President Trump doesn't kowtow and take it, he has christened them for what they really are, #FakeNewsMedia . These news outlets don't want to report the news anymore, instead they pontificate negative news against this President. These mega-news giants (CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, New York Times, Washington Post) try to make it obvious that the President is the problem attacking him at every opportunity, simply because their candidate, Hillary Clinton lost. The things they say about this President were never said about former President Barack Obama. These media giants want to destroy this the President at any cost by making him seem unstable, by insisting that the President is a racist, a woman-hater, a nazi, evil, short of calling him the "Anti-Christ". These media giants are so angry that Donald Trump won that they want to see this President gone, but not before they can see him shamed.  Donald Trump has been accused him of;

  • Racism

    Michael Moore, the liberal filmmaker who has written and has made cinematic movies on topics such as globalization, large corporations, assault weapon ownership, medical care system as well as his views on other subjects, went on CNN on the Don Lemon Show. Spewing toxicity against the President,  Moore insinuates that if you support or voted for Donald Trump you are a racists; (the original video had a clearer voice but it was taken down so the copy you see here is low quality.)

  • Sexual Misconduct -

    Donald J Trump is presumptuous, he can also be impetuous and like many men he brags.  Before he was set to appear Access Hollywood, while he was getting ready, he was secretly recorded by Billy Bush. During this conversation, Donald Trump bragged about women. This was released just before the second debater with Hillary Clinton. It was meant to derail his campaign. If he said what he said, wrong as it was, he wasn't in office yet. If these women who claimed they sexually grouped or abused by Trump, they should have reported him to the authorities.  The question I ask is why wait so long? Donald Trump wasn't in government, on the contrary Donald Trump was famous and coming forward would have a sensationalized media circus. However, now that he is the President the media conveniently hashing this all up.

    Kirsten Gillibrand is calling for the president to resign, however the Democrat Senator had former President Bill Clinton to campaign for her. They were very chummy, but in order to fortify her stance on wanting the President to resign, she threw Bill Clinton under the bus by stating that Clinton should have resigned for his affair with Monica Lewinski , however it was OK to allow Bill Clinton to  not before he campaigned for her in her bid for Senator.

    Again, to recapitulate, anything Donald Trump did before becoming President is not a license to have the President resign his post. Kristen Gillibrand is just looking for any reason to make the President look bad, just like many in her party as well as the media. Being a man who didn't act like a gentleman in the past is not a reason to have the President resign. Looking back in history, many great men, were womanizers, (Presidents Thomas Jefferson, Grover Cleveland, Franklin Roosevelt, Lyndon B. Johnson, Warren Harding, Bill Clinton and the late great John F. Kennedy. James Buchanan. was openly gay President, Benjamin Franklin (a statesman), Martin Luther King (civil rights leader) plus many more. You can bet that there are many men, and some women in our congress and senate either have had affairs, both while in office and out.  To put a target on the President's back while this practice is going on in our government is hypocritical. The point I am making here is that the media, as well as others are calling for the resignation of the President over something that happened before he went into office. We even had an attorney who was offering women up to $750,000 if they came forward and accused the President of sexual misconduct. As you will see in the video below Lisa Bloom was  soliciting women to come up with allegations by promising cash to any woman who would accuse Trump of sexual harassment. 

  • Obstruction of Justice -

    Donald Trump will fire people if he feels they are not doing their job. James Comey was not doing his job. Mr. Comey apparently wrote an exoneration letter of Hillary Clinton before he even interviewed her. When he did finally interview her he did not put her under oath. He allowed Peter Stzrok, (the FBI's deputy head of counter intelligence), to change to decision from "grossly negligent" to "extremely careless". Peter Stzork was carrying on an affair with Lisa Page, (a senior FBI lawyer), where Stzrok and Page exchanged texts calling Trump an 'idiot' whose election was 'fucking terrifying'. James Comey allowed himself to have Stzrok change the verbiage to protect then Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton from Donald Trump. Upon Trump firing Comey the liberal media started to narrate an obstruction of justice angle. The following video will show the hypocrisy of the Democrats as they go from despising James Comey to blaming the President and making him look as if he is obstructing justice.

In their attempt to discredit Trump and finding no "Collusion of Russia" the media must find ways to bombard the airways with insinuations, half-truths, and a continuing their narrative of collusion and on stating obstruction of justice, and even questioning the President mental faculties. 

  • Donald Trump's State of Mind

    The media has portrayed Donald Trump of being a racist, a misogynist, obstructionist, and has gone as far as to portray him as demented and a madman.  MSNBC Joe Scarborough (host of Morning Joe), although a Republican, does not like President Trump. Ironically enough, Scarborough and Brzezinski seemed to be on friendly terms, however when Scarborough wrote an op-ed piece where he stated; “Unless the Trump team figures out how to build a campaign operation that focuses more on fundamentals than flashy PR tricks, the next deal Donald Trump will be negotiating will be his return to The Apprentice..." President Trump is a different president, he doesn't stay quiet when attacked and when fired upon will fire back harder. One of the reasons he won was because he is a no-nonsense person who will defend himself (as well as America) when he feels he is attacked. This started a feud between them. Joe came to Mika's defense, although he constantly cuts her off, tells her what she says doesn't matter, and belittles her, all while live on the air.

    Upon Trump's win Joe compared the victory to a major earthquake,  "This was an earthquake unlike any earthquake I've really seen since Ronald Reagan  in 1980, it just came out of nowhere..." He has called him a "thug", "not well",  "a liar" "incompetent" and has called for politicians to invoke the 25th amendment.  Mika Brzezinski, Joe Scarborough's co-host and fiancé calls Donald Trump "demented". Mika  refuses to have spokesperson Kellyanne Conway from  appearances on the show. When Joe and Mika appeared on "The View" it was open season on the President.

  • The "S-hole Countries" Controversy -

    One of the reasons I voted for Donald Trump is because what you see is what you get. He is unfiltered and not your professional polished politician who talks out of both sides of his mouth. At times he is honestly brutal. Many people do not know how to deal with it, and many Democrats are still harboring ill feelings and upset that Hillary Clinton lost.  The liberal media cannot deal with it, the hypocritical far left "Hollywood Elitist" who preach tolerance and unity cannot understand it, the far left cannot except that their candidate lost. So with every bit of negative news that the media hears, they are gleeful and they jump up and down on their little platforms calling the President every name in the book. 

    We have Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon from CNN repeating ad-nauseam "Shit-hole Countries" (Thirty-six times on one segment.) We have Joe Scarborough and Mika from MSNBC calling Donald Trump a "racist", all based on what one man, Senator Dick Durbin said, (who has been known to misrepresent what he's heard in private meetings before), running to the liberal news like a tattle-tell toddler. We have other preaching their thoughts on something that is not proven, something that is hear-say. Senator Durbin had no business releasing that statement to the media. This Senator basically no respect for Trump and is putting the President's life in danger.  What the President said was said in private meeting and Democrat Sen. Durbin ran out like a little boy and found the #DestroyTrump media and told them. If a Republican did that when President Obama was in office that person would have been accused of Treason.  If he did not agree with what was said it was his duty to go and confront the President in private, but he instead did the following;

    Now many people in Washington understand that Democrat Sen. Durbin has a history of fabricating stories from private White House meetings. At one time, even his Democrat boss President Obama had said that some of the things Durbin has said in the past were lies. If President Trump said what Durbin claims he said why didn't he go speak to the President man to man. Additionally people from both side of the isles didn't hear the President say anything what Democrat Sen. Durbin said that Trump said, instead he ran to the "Hate Trump Media" and opened a Pandora's Box and the Liberal Media ate it all and then regurgitated over and over again. (Warning, the following video has graphic language used by "responsible and respectable " news hosts making, hundreds of thousand dollars a year). 

  • Donald Trumps Health 

    There have been at least seven Presidents who had major illnesses while in office. The press at the time knew about them, but due to respect of the office, they didn't release the information.  Franklin D. Roosevelt experienced a severe attack of polio, resulting in total paralysis of both legs. During his time as President he was in a wheelchair. The press knew about it but kept it quiet. John F. Kennedy suffered from Addison's Disease  that can cause everything from fatigue to depression. He also suffered from severe back pain, at times he took eight medications a day ranging from strong painkillers to hormonal medication just to keep him alive. The press also knew about his extra-marital affairs but did nor said anything. At the time it was unheard of for the press to go after illnesses because the press had respect for the office.

    The same cannot be said of the #DestroyTrumpMedia. Normally what is said in a doctors office is almost as sacred as what it is said in the confessional, however, this liberal media doesn't have any scruples. In a unprecedented move, Donald Trump allowed his doctor, Doctor Ronny Jackson (the same doctor that cared for Obama) to release the president's physical findings. What followed was a feeding frenzy that left one flabbergasted. It was as if the media found a juicy piece of meat and had to devour it. It was disgusting.

    Their actions spoke volumes, and what I got out of it is that these members of the White House Press Corp do not want Donald Trump to be healthy. I will go out on a limb and say that these people would jump for joy if our President died. I think these people should have their credentials revoked because they are acting like spoiled little rascals who are upset over not getting a cherry on top of their sundae. The President should have their press pass all revoked because they clear are the ones that are sick, suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. The President has the right to revoke these passes and based on their questions to have their passes removed, since they are the ones who are sick.

    The doctor who did the physical is among the best, however the media thinks they know better, by asking the following idiotic questions.

As you can very well see, the press was actually perturbed at the doctor's news. Their questions grew more and more bizarre as each of these "journalist" asked them. The questions continued for almost an hour each one more moronic than the last. The President has the right to replace this press pool, these brood of vipers who want the president dead. He should exercise this right because these so-called journalist are giving "free speech" a bad name.

More to follow...

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